Adding New Users to Your Group Account

Users must create an account at ID.PRX.ORG before they can be added to your group account.

Users can be added to a group account one of two ways:

Please note that only users with the Admin role have the ability to add users to an account and designate roles.

To add a user to your group account 

Log in to ID and navigate to the Accounts tab


Select the Group you’d like to add a member to


Select Members tab


Search for the username of the user you’d like to add


Select the Role you’d like to give this user from the dropdown menu & select Add User


Read/write access to every app; ability to add/remove account memberships


Read/write access to every app


Read/write access to Publish only


Read access to every app; Ability to create Campaigns & Flights in Augury


Read access to Augury Only; Ability to create draft campaigns in Augury


Read access to every app


Users who have already created a PRX account can also request access to your group account!

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