New Station Accounts and Trial Memberships

If you are a brand new station on the PRX Exchange (you've never had an account before) then welcome! We're really excited to have you here. There's so much great content, we know you're going to love PRX. There are two membership options for stations:


We want to make sure that stations get a chance to try out PRX (to see how awesome it is) before you commit to a point package. Trial accounts are for 1 year, allows upload of 2 hours of fee-carrying content, and unlimited licensing of free content. It also allows you to subscribe to any of our automated delivery shows.

Paid Station Membership

If you've paid for a membership then you've purchased a point package and you will use those points to purchase programs from PRX. Memberships and points are good for one year.

Note: if you are creating an account on PRX just to access an automated delivery show, you do not need to purchase a PRX membership.

How to get started as a new station:

  1. Each staffer at your station will need a username on PRX. Head to and click Sign up.
  2. Once you have a PRX username:

    • Log in and go to My PRX.
    • Scroll down and click Request New Station under Account.
    • Fill out all the info.

    Someone from PRX will be in touch to finalize your trial.

  3. You can upgrade from a trial account at any time by contacting Read more about paid station membership options here.


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