Sh*t - I have to care about decency requirements?

That's right. Don't forget about those cuss words!

You MUST document any explicit or offensive language.

Stations need to know if there is inappropriate language in your pieces so that they can decide right away if they want to consider your piece for broadcast.

What deserves a content advisory? Generally, any derogatory term for genitalia, any hateful word, or anything you would hesitate to say in front of your mother. 

Failure to notify stations could result in the removal of your piece and a one-year suspension of your PRX membership. Not specifying such indecent and obscene language puts stations at risk of FCC fines and possible loss of their license. 

So don't be a donkey; use content advisories and bleep your work!

Where to add content advisories:

  1. In the Piece Create page, you'll see a box that says "Content Advisories." That's where you'll list the words used and the timings for your cussin'.
  2. We also generally recommend bleeping, but make sure to note them in the content advisory regardless.
  3. If you want to provide a clean version as well as an explicit version, you're free to do so by creating a new version in the basics tab of the Piece Create page.


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