How does PRX choose stories or producers that are featured?

All newly posted pieces end up automatically on the home page in the list of New Pieces. This list changes all day every day as new pieces are added to the PRX Exchange.

Then there is the manual way you end up on the home page. PRX site editors make an editorial decision about what might capture the attention of stations; we see your piece appear and listen to it and say "Wow, that should be on the home page! I bet a station would find that interesting." We look for items and subjects that are timely and relevant for listeners and stations, demonstrate superior craft or uniqueness, or coordinate with national marketing efforts.

We also look for you to remind us about a hook for your piece ("It is National Aardvark Month and I have a story on the three-toed sloth"). If your piece is relevant, timely and well produced it has a shot at the home page. Email the editors.

The PRX Exchange is an open, non-exclusive distribution platform, but we also have an active editorial and distribution relationship with various producers and stations who use the Exchange. We see this approach as a three-level pyramid:

  • A broad base of programs offered through PRX's open marketplace (;
  • A middle tier of curated work that our editorial team hand picks and features on the site, via social media, and promotes to stations;
  • A small roster of signature programs that PRX helps actively develop and offer to public radio.

On the first tier we are constantly working to improve the ways that producers can increase exposure to their work, including our search engine and our automated recommendations ("stations who bought X also bought Y").

For the second tier, we comb the catalog every day to find the best, most relevant, most interesting pieces to feature. In the course of a year we showcase hundreds of pieces and producers, and encourage you to alert us to anything you think deserves featuring. Here is more about how to get featured on the PRX Exchange: How We Pick the Editors' Picks and what to do after you publish a piece.

Signature programs are exclusive to PRX and represent partnerships with producers that reflect both an editorial vision for groundbreaking content and a business plan for sustaining multiple years of development. PRX only takes on a handful of signature programs at a time, and we assess the opportunities on a case-by-case basis. We do not have an open call for proposals, but we are constantly listening and watching what producers upload to PRX. While we welcome inquiries and even unsolicited pitches, we cannot respond in detail to each one. If you are looking for a guide, the programs that catch our attention are ones that have ALL of these components:

  • original voice, style and expression
  • a demonstrated commitment to diversity
  • addresses a gap/need in the current national program marketplace, with a path to reaching/attracting new audiences
  • an existing commitment to social media and multiplatform distribution
  • a strong and experienced business and management capacity
  • a collaborative and motivated team
  • a track record of successful fundraising and/or revenue generation
  • and then there is the undefinable "IT" — the magic that says a show or a program or the talent behind it has the spark.
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