SubAuto Overview for Producers

SubAuto is available for approved weekly, hourly or daily series on PRX. SubAuto is our delivery service designed for shows to deliver their regular content so that stations can get it automatically. 

Here are some benefits of delivering your series via SubAuto

  • Subscription Information, One-Time-Only: Fill out subscription information for the series including exact length, number of promos per week, production schedule, agreements, and whether or not you want PRX to handle the billing.  

  • Easy, Weekly: Upload the episode and promos to PRX.  The promo can be uploaded and delivered to stations ahead of time.

  • Cost: The cost to producers to use PRX's SubAuto is on a per-station rather than per-hour basis.  $100 per primary station, per year for weekly series (no charge for repeaters and translators). Please reach out to our helpdesk at for cost of daily and hourly series.

  • Carriage Fees: SubAuto station subscribers pay carriage fees to the producer to air weekly programs; they cannot use points.  Producers will always have full control over pricing and discounts per station.

  • Billing Handled by PRX: Producers can opt-into PRX sending the invoices and collecting payments from stations.  PRX will handle all vendor set-up and payment processing.  The fee for this service is 10% of all carriage fees billed.    PRX sends the weekly series producer a check at the end of each calendar quarter.  

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