PRX Remix for public radio stations: One stream, endless stories.

What is PRX Remix?

PRX Remix is our 24/7 stream of the best audio, handpicked from both independent creators and our podcast network Radiotopia. It airs on XM 123, public radio stations around the country, and online.

A lot of what we air isn't heard anywhere else: curated, smart, creative spoken-word programs, amazing podcasts, cool ideas, fascinating interviews, found tape and intriguing sounds.

There is no traditional host, per se, although you’ll hear clever and smart interstitials. Most pieces are relatively short -- 4 to 8 minutes – and then it is on to the next one. This fast-paced service is designed for stations and streaming.

PRX has anecdotal evidence that listeners retain stories and details to a remarkable degree.


How do public radio stations use PRX Remix?

In several ways -- pick what's right for you:

  • A bloc ranging from a weekly hour to a daily overnight service.
  • A 24/7 primary terrestrial broadcast service. Stations are buying up new, full power frequencies and Remix is a fantastic option to redefine a local public radio brand.
  • As an HD service. A number of stations see Remix as a way to bring a truly distinctive public radio service to HD rather than repeating familiar public radio shows or programming second-tier network content.
  • A free stream. Just add the Remix player to a station web site and away you go.


Where does the content come from and what is it?

Remix is about creative, story-driven short pieces and podcasts. It's not the news. Remix draws most of its content from, the largest open archive of public radio programs for broadcast. (You can see some of what what Remix is purchasing here.) 

Remix features pieces by top producers including The MothSnap Judgment99% Invisible, The Kitchen Sisters and Jay Allison, plus many creative voices such as The Memory Palace and Blank on Blank


How does PRX Remix work for broadcast?

PRX has helped develop software that randomly shuffles the order of programs in a series of playlists. Over the course of most hours listeners hear fresh combinations of programs and pieces (we try to ensure that no three pieces will be adjacent in any six hour period) in a true Remix. Newer content – about 10 hours a week — in the playlists gets a more frequent play as older programs and pieces cycle out.

Remix runs in hourly blocks with a one-minute break at the top of each hour.  

We’re looking at ways to incorporate more floating breaks within each hour to increase the opportunities for stations to incorporate underwriting and local announcements.

PRX also takes careful steps to ensure pieces are cleared for broadcast. We have a small team that listens to every piece before it is even considered for possible inclusion in the Remix service. We track every screened piece and identify any programs that have language or taste issues.


What about music reporting?

Because most of the content for Remix is licensed through PRX, we keep track of music usage there for quarterly reporting to Sound Exchange. Most of that same information is available for your broadcast reporting to ASCAP/BMI.


How does PRX Remix get delivered?

PRX delivers the Remix service by FTP and we can work with station technical staff about integrating Remix into your automation system. For some stations we have arranged a multiple-day buffer to ensure that if the FTP delivery is interrupted for any reason (bad local ISP, etc) Remix itself won’t be interrupted and we all have enough time to work through fixes. You’ll probably want a dedicated server and a reliable ISP to ensure the flow of Remix works smoothly.


What do audiences think?

We hear listeners say things like "This is the reason I pay for XM…” to positive responses from both older, classical music listeners to younger public radio fans thrilled to find a fresh format on the air.

“Finally, radio that inspires me.” -- B.S.

“PRX has a constant flow of perfect radio... It's like a good friend telling me a story they've been waiting all day to share.” -- C.W.

“You guys are messing with my life. I CAN NOT RESIST REMIX and it's screwing up my weekends. Please send me the Handy Dandy Sleep Restorer Ring.  Enclosed are five box tops from Insomniac Trail Mix economy size package.” -- M.G.H.


"I LOVE this station. First discovered it after getting Sirius radio. Now it is the only reason I keep it." - V.J.


PRX Remix sounds great. Who do I contact?

Genevieve Sponsler, PRX Content Manager and Remix Producer and Sean Nesbitt, PRX Station Relations Director.

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