Station Membership Options

PRX welcomes any public, community, college, or low power FM station. With a station membership you can purchase content as well as post an unlimited amount of your own content. We offer one-year trial memberships for stations, plus annual paid memberships with great benefits.

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  Trial Station Membership

Paid Public or Community Station Membership

Paid College or LPFM Station Membership
Cost Free Sliding scale based on your Total Station Revenue (TSR). See calculator. $100
Audio Space to Distribute Station Work 2 hours Unlimited! Unlimited!
Downloads of fee-carrying content 2 hours Based on your needs between 26-130 hours or more. See calculator. Plus, unlimited free pieces. 24 hours. (Or to acquire more, double the cost and the hours. E.g., $200 for 48 hours). Plus, unlimited free pieces.
Royalties Nope Yes! Yes!


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