Marketing Your Work to the Outside World

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start. That's why we've assembled this page of very specific ideas, which we will continue to update. Please share your ideas in the comment section below!

Goin' Viral

Two little girls made quite a splash on the internet in a piece called "Two Little Girls Explain the Worst Haircut Ever." PRX experienced its first ever Viral Audio Outbreak. Here's what we've learned from the experience and some tips on how to make your work a hit.

Get Familiar with PRX's Sharing Options

PRX has two sizes of embeddable audio players available to ALL members (paid and unpaid).  You can also share and play your pieces on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. 

Making the Most of Social Media

  • Transom posted a great social media guide specifically for public radio producers. Check it out!

Some public radio sites to contact:

  • Us!  Contact us to let us know about your piece(s) (we feature pieces in playlists, on the homepage, on our Facebook, etc.)
  • Transom
  • Current
  • Public radio station blogs
  • AIR

Pitch your work to blogs, magazines, and online communities:


Send us your tips and we'll post them right here.  Or, comment below!

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