PRX Customer Support Availability

Non-emergency support:

PRX's Help Desk staff is available from 9:30am to 5:30pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

PRX's office is closed on weekends and most major US business holidays. 

Knowledge Base:

Our Help Desk includes answers to most common Support related questions. The Help Desk is also your primary resource for solutions to common issues, how-to's and other information for producers and stations. 

Extended Support for emergencies that affect broadcast:
View the chart below for details of our Extended Support hours.

When   /   Support Type



Regular Business Hours
M–F 9:30am–5:30pm EST

+1 (617) 576-5455 x1

+1 (617) 576-5455 x119

Extended Support Weekdays
7:00am–9:30am EST
5:00pm–10:00pm EST


+1 (617) 576-5455 x119

Extended Support Weekends
7:00am–10:00pm EST


+1 (617) 576-5455 x119


Note: if you would like to submit an emergency request, please create it in a NEW email and send it to (do not forward an email to this address). 
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