Who can access my work on the PMP and why should I let them?

Who can access my work if I put it into the PMP?

Initially, the PMP will be used by public media stations, producers, distributors and networks. Ultimately, the hope is that the PMP will eventually also be used by independent users (such as non-profit organizations or independent producers).

Why is this a good opportunity for me?

The PMP will help make your work even more widely available. For example, station websites run by PBS and NPR (Digital Services) are using the PMP to bring in stories to feature and display.  The PMP will also be a source of content for the  “NPR One” (  apps, and potentially other apps and services both in and out of public media. There are also plugins being created to publish PMP stories into any site that uses a popular content management system (e.g. WordPress and Drupal).

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