Fall 2016 Fundraiser FAQ

Radiotopia Fall Campaign FAQ


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will rewards be shipped?

A: We know you’re excited to show off your awesome Radiotopia gear around town! We’re aiming to have campaign rewards shipped in January/February 2017. 2016 COIN DONOR?!? 

While we had hoped to get your challenge coin to you by December, when we received the first finished coin from the minter, Roman suggested some changes, so we sent it back! In our quest to get you the best possible coin, their delivery has been delayed until late January. We truly appreciate your support and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Q: I started to donate monthly in 2015. I then began another donation in 2016. How can I combine my donations?

A: To start off, you’re a rockstar and we love you! We really appreciate the fact that you donate monthly, more than once! This helps us keep the lights on and grow our amazing Radiotopia team. We're happy to consolidate your monthly donations, just send us a quick email and include as much info as possible so we can help you out! Contact us here.

Q: How do I edit my info or cancel my monthly donation?

A: Use the link in your email donation receipt, sent from to edit your account info, change your address, or cancel your monthly donation. If you don’t have the link, click here and submit a request to us and we'll sort it out.

Q: How long will my credit card be charged?

A: When you sign up as a monthly donor, the donation automatically recurs on the same day each month unless it’s canceled or the card expires. You can add an end date using the link in your emailed donation receipt.

Q: I want to change my monthly donation amount, can you do that?

A: Yes, we’re happy to help you change and hopefully increase your donation, contact us directly here. The new donation amount will be reflected on the next charge.

Q: I don’t live in the United States, can I still donate?

A: Yes! We accept international donations.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?

A: Yes, PRX is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Additional Rewards & Shipping Questions


Q: Can I provide a separate shipping address?

A: Yes, please send our partners at Chop Shop Store a message here and label the subject: ‘Address Change’.

Q: You didn’t ask me what gender or size t-shirt I wanted!?

A: We sent an email to the email address associated with your donation. This email included a custom code to redeem your reward. Check your inbox, promotions folders, etc. for an email from If you don't find it there, forward us an email of your donation receipt & we'll get you your code.

Q: Can I buy t-shirts somewhere else?

A: The limited edition Mixtape t-shirt is a 2016 Fall campaign exclusive, so it’s not available outside of the 2016 campaign. However, other t-shirts and prints for Radiotopia shows are available at chopshopstore.

Q: Can I just buy the Radiotopia hoodie, headphones or challenge coin somewhere else?

A: These rewards are exclusive to the 2016 campaign.

Q: I made a donation but did not receive a receipt, what happened?

A: Sometimes donation receipts are automatically filed in your spam folder, or you make have keyed in the wrong email address, or they just get lost in the interwebs. To request your donation receipt via email, please submit a request here.

Q: I made several donation attempts and received an error message, how do I know if my donation went through?

A: You should receive a donation receipt via email confirming your transaction was successful. If not, please submit a request here.

Q: I didn’t get my reward from the 2015 Radiotopia campaign!

A: Really? We totally thought we got everyone!

All orders for the 2015 campaign were shipped long ago, but we did encounter a few shipping problems. If you’re still waiting for yours, please contact us here and include your information, reward, email and address. We’ll check our warehouse for a return with your name on it and get back to you.

Q: What can I expect for my Radiotopia 2016 hoodie?

A: More info on hoodie sizing can be found here. 

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