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What is Reveal?

Reveal is a weekly, one-hour investigative reporting program from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. It was created as a monthly program in 2015 and launched as a weekly on over 200 stations in January 2016. The first pilot program won a Peabody Award. Award winning producer Al Letson is the host of the show.

Reveal won a 2014 Peabody award for CIR’s original investigation into the Department of Veterans Affairs’ role in over-prescribing opioid drugs to returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. The story put pressure on the VA and, as a result, the federal agency has reformed some of its most egregious prescription practices.


Reveal is 59 minutes long
Two floating 1:00 breaks
Promos delivered a week in advance for the following week's show

What is the carriage fee to stations?

Contact for carriage fee details.

How do I get the show?

The program is distributed exclusively by PRX through the PRX Exchange automated delivery service. A station must subscribe to the program and commit to airing the program weekly without interruption for at least 12 months.

A new program is made available every Thursday with the air window opening on Saturday.The next week’s audio promos are distributed with each new episode.

Digital assets are made available early in the week preceding the release of the new episode.

NOTE: Stations cannot excerpt or edit any part of Reveal without permission of PRX and CIR.

How long can I hold a show?

The program is designed to be broadcast at any time, multiple times within the 6 days after its release. If the editors determine that a show or segment needs to be updated we will produce an updated episode and alert stations how to get that program. To insure accuracy, the Reveal episodes cannot be aired out of order or held and aired at a later date.

This is an investigative program; how do I know you know what you are doing?

CIR is the longest running independent investigative organization in the country with an unblemished track record. The editors  are tops in their field with extensive investigative experience.

Each program is subject to legal review before broadcast. This is why we are so strict on editing and excerpting (see above).

Can I cherry pick episodes for use in a specials slot?

No. Reveal was designed as a weekly program of the highest caliber in order to have measurable editorial impact.

When are stations airing Reveal?

Most stations are broadcasting Reveal on Saturday and Sunday adjacent to network news programs or in blocs where they carry distinctive, new programs aimed at younger audiences.

Many stations air Reveal more than once a week.

Station Carriage List / Where to Hear Reveal

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