Create multiple feeds with Dovetail Podcasts!

This useful feature allows you to create additional customizable versions of your feed ideal for subscription services such as Supercast, Supporting Cast and Patreon – right alongside your podcast’s public RSS feed settings. 

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What exactly can I do with this?

As subscription options for podcast listeners become the new normal we wanted an easy way for you to create additional private feeds to share with those who support you directly through a subscription. These additional feeds will feature the same great content – but don’t have to include ads and offer secure authorization tokens for access.

Some possible use cases for this feature include:

  • Private and/or ad-free feed for subscriptions
  • Feeds created by categories
    • Bonus Episodes Only
    • Video Episodes Only
    • Specific Episode Topic or Mini-Series Only
  • Transcode audio into different file formats
    • FLAC
    • WAV
    • Mp3

How do I create a new version of my feed?

Step 1: Navigate to the podcast you'd like to create a new feed for, and click on the Feeds tab 


Step 2: On the left side of the screen, scroll until you see the “Add a Feed” button. Select this button to generate a new feed.

Step 3: Give your new feed a title that is different from your main series feed. Note that this is public-facing, so people will see it!

Step 4: Give your feed a slug (which is an alphanumeric name which is used to identify your feed- it’s also used in the private feed RSS url)

Step 5: Next - if you would like this feed to be private, select the Private Checkbox on the right side of the screen.


Then click Add Token to generate a private authorization token to help ensure your feed stays private. This token must be appended to your feed URL for the audio to work. Removing the token is used to revoke access to your feed. 

Additonal options include:

You can select the type of audio you want the feed to use.

De-select the ad zones you want to exclude from the feed. For example, for a an ad-free feed, it would look like this:



If you want the feed to only feature episodes with a specific keyword, you can specify that as well (please ensure that your episodes are tagged with the same keyword).


This allows further differentiation of the feed- give it a new teaser, description, or even a new category!

The donation form and the micropayments wallet are tied to the settings tab here

You can even give the feed a different image- though the same image requirements still stand (Minimum size: 1400 x 1400 px Maximum size: 3000 x 3000 px- and for the thumbnail, 300x300 pixels). 


And be sure and save your changes!

Using the steps above, you now know how to set up an additional feed in Dovetail Podcasts! 

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