How to Transition Campaigns to Dovetail

Transitioning your advertising campaigns from your current distributor to Dovetail can seem daunting, but with careful planning and attention to detail, you can ensure a smooth and seamless process. This guide will walk you through each step, from duplicating your campaigns to adjusting your impression goals post-redirect. By following these instructions and double-checking the critical dates, you'll minimize disruptions and maintain the continuity of your campaigns. 

Optimal Transition Timing:

For the smoothest transition, we recommend scheduling the redirect on a clean transition day, typically the last day of the month. This helps maintain consistency and minimizes potential issues when completing campaigns or pulling reports.

Duplicate Your Current Campaigns:

Begin by duplicating your existing campaigns and flights on Dovetail as comprehensively as possible. This ensures that all settings and details are replicated accurately.

Set Start Dates on Dovetail:

When setting up the duplicated campaigns and flights on Dovetail, ensure the start dates are scheduled for a couple of days before the planned redirect date. This precaution allows the ads to begin delivering immediately once the redirect occurs.

Add Remaining Impressions to the Total Goal in Dovetail:

Include the total impressions for the campaign in the Contract Goal of your flight. Add the remaining impressions for your campaign to the Total Goal (see example).

Estimate and Add Impressions:

For campaigns running over several months, estimate the number of remaining impressions on your current distributor and add those to your flights in Dovetail.

Post-Redirect Adjustments:

After the redirect is completed, revisit your current distributor to check the remaining impressions and campaign/flight status. Adjust the Total Goal in Dovetail as needed to reflect any remaining impression on your current distributor. 

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