What is Augury and how does it work?

Augury is an ad serving platform that seamlessly stitches sponsorship messages with audio content to monetize your podcast. 

Augury is dynamic. It allows producers to continuously update sponsorship messages on their entire back catalog, and can insert ads at any break within a show and as "bookends" before and after.

Augury offers complete control of ad campaigns, with standard controls like scheduling, prioritizing, capping. Augury is also capable of more sophisticated targeting:

  • Assign ads to episodes by topic/keyword, by show, or even to an entire network
  • Assign ads based on the age of episodes (only on the latest or back catalog episodes)
  • Find your audience by general location, listening app, or platform while respecting their privacy

How it works

  • Pulls podcast audio from content management system and stitches with sponsorship ads from ad server
  • Inserts ads in spaces designated by the producer (based on segmented audio files, not timestamps)
  • Delivers seamless audio file to listener

Augury has been used successfully for some of the biggest shows in podcasting, including S-Town and Serial. It uses cutting-edge technology to handle spikes in demand and constantly changing ads and episodes, all served in moments to listeners around the world on every audio platform. 


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