Logging into a Network and Uploading/Downloading Items

Logging in

  • When logging in to please use your credentials for
    • Use your username when logging in and not your email address.
  1. Adding Items
  • Click New Item (upper right hand corner)
    • Text documents
    • Photos
    • Audio
      • Best to upload wav files since the system will generate mp2 and mp3 files.
    • These are the file types that can be uploaded:
    • When filling out your piece information, please include:
      • Headline
      • Lead
      • Full Story
        • Can be transcript or web article if one is available.
      • Type (must be filled out or piece will not publish).
      • Category (must be filled out or piece will not publish).
      • Tags (can add as many tags as need be).
  • Saving and publishing piece
    • Click Post this item on the bottom right of the page.
  1. Downloading items
  • Click on the title of the piece you wish to license.
  • Click on Download and Use to be taken to the media page.
  • Click on the content you wish to use and it will automatically start to download.

IMPORTANT: There is a difference between web and radio copy:

  • Web copy- will contain html codes/ will not include your lead.
  • Radio copy contains full text.
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