What does my station need to know about the PRX/PRI transition?


Welcome to the new PRX and PRI!

As you know by now, all file-delivered PRI programs will be transitioning from PRSS Content Depot to the PRX Exchange by Jan 1st, 2019. More information is forthcoming, but here is what all stations need to know for now:

What programs are moving over?

The following shows will be distributed exclusively by PRX starting Jan 1st, 2019:

  • On Story
  • Live Wire! Radio
  • Innovation Hub
  • Day 6
  • Living on Earth
  • Harmonia
  • Record Shelf
  • AfroPop Worldwide
  • Q the Music


  • Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
  • Jazz Happening Now
  • Jazz After Hours
  • Out in the Open
  • Selected Shorts
  • Podcast Playlist from CBC Radio
  • Echoes
  • Studio 360

Note: As It Happens, PRI’s The World(r), q from the CBC, The Takeaway, and Classical 24 will remain on Content Depot for live distribution.

What’s the timeline?

Though programs will be available on the PRX Exchange beginning on November 1st, we will continue to make programs available on both the PRX Exchange and Content Depot through January 1st.  After January 1st, programs will be available exclusively through PRX. 

How does PRX deliver shows?

We deliver MP2 files to a PRX-provided FTP site that can then be integrated with your automation system. Stations can also choose to have programs delivered to their own FTP. All programs are available for manual download from can read more about automated delivery here.

If you need technical assistance or do not have a way to ingest content from your FTP into your automation system, please let us know. All questions about PRX can be sent to

What happens next?

Before Nov 1st we will contact you with information about accessing your account and subscription information on PRX, how to get content #integrated with your automation system, and an invitation to a PRX welcome webinar for stations. 

We look forward to working with you!

 -PRX/PRI Distribution team

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