What does my station need to know about the PRX/PRI transition? Updated 1/28


Welcome to the new PRX and PRI!

As you know by now, all file-delivered PRI programs transitioned to PRX on January 4th, 2019. We are now working with stations to move the programs off the Content Depot cut IDs.

You can preview the PRX cut ID numbers here

Let us know when we can change your cut ID numbers here.

Why do the Cut IDs need to change?

The cut ID ranges assigned to the PRI programs are carried over from Content Depot, and they are now going back into circulation on Content Depot- meaning they could be assigned to a new program. If you air this new show, two programs will be competing for those cut IDs and you may air the wrong thing.

Why is this happening now?

We needed to move the programs off Content Depot by 2019, which placed most of the transition during the holiday season. Our worst fear was stations having dead air or file delivery issues during a time of low staffing- so, we tried to make the change easier by keeping the Content Depot Cut ID numbers.

We knew we would have to change these numbers eventually, and through conversations with Content Depot, we have decided to move stations off through the month of February.

What do I need to do?

PRX will be updating the default cut IDs for you. Please fill out the Cut ID transition form ASAP to let us know when we can switch the cut ID numbers. 

This means that you will need to prepare your scanning software (such as ENconveyor/ AVFTP and Dropbox) to look for the new cut ID numbers. The rules are additive, so you should be able to add a new range to the "source filename" field. When the files appear with those cut IDs, they will be brought into your automation system.

Can I make this change myself?

Only PRX can change the default cut ID numbers. However, you can always use the "override" function to change those cut IDs to a range that works for your stations. When we change the default cut IDs it will not affect your override.


When is PRX making the change?

We will be moving stations off the 60000 range IDs through the month of February, with switchover dates of Feb 4th, Feb 11th, Feb19th, and Feb 25th. All stations will need to be using a new range of cut IDs by March 1st.

Please fill out the transition form so we know when we can safely change your cut IDs.

Questions or concerns? Email help@prx.org.


 -PRX/PRI Distribution team

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