Time-Shifting and Subscribing to a daily show on PRX

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There are two common circumstances in which you might need to time-shift your subscription to make sure the correct files are in your FTP when you need them: if you take select hours of a daily show, or if you rebroadcast a weekly show.

Setting up a Subscription for Rebroadcast

Station WXYZ airs Selected Shorts on Saturday and again on Monday. When they set up their subscription they mark Saturday as their air day (see image below). However, by the time Monday comes along they notice that the files have already been overwritten for the next week's show.


WXYZ will need to time-shift their subscription to let our system know when it can safely overwrite the files. By selecting Saturday +1 week, WXYZ lets the system know that files can not be overwritten until a full week after the original air day- meaning the files are preserved for Monday's rebroadcast (see image below).


Subscribing to a daily program

When you are subscribing to a daily show, you will be asked to select which days you want to air, and when you want to air them.

The program in the example below (Fig 1) has five episodes a week, M-F. If you aired all five episodes you would select all five days, and if you aired each episode on it's designated day then you would select "On time" for your air day. Each day's episode has unique cut ID numbers, which means Monday's episode won't be overwritten until next Monday. 

However, you may mix and match your episodes. Let's say you take Monday's episode but you don't air it until Wednesday- in that case, you would want to check "Mon" and then "+2 days" for the delivery day (Fig 2). This means we won't overwrite your Monday files until Wednesday each week. This will apply to all the episodes you air. 


Fig. 1: Select which day's episodes you plan to air each week. In the example above, the station takes all five episodes.


Fig. 2: This station airs each episode on the day it is scheduled- i.e, Monday's episode is played on Monday. If you air the episodes you take after their scheduled air day, you can time shift- this helps us know when we can overwrite your files. If Monday's episode is aired on Wednesday, then we can overwrite the files 2 days after the episode's appointed air day.

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