Automated Delivery (formerly SubAuto) vs. the Marketplace

Content in the PRX Exchange can be organized into two categories based on the way the way stations can access the audio: through the marketplace or the automated delivery service.

The marketplace is the original distribution method on the Exchange. Any producer can upload their audio as a piece and assign a price to it in the form of a point value. Points are the currency in the marketplace, and in order to license a piece with a point value a station must have purchased a point package (also known as a PRX Membership). To purchase a point package you can reach out to

The automated delivery service (formerly known as SubAuto) was introduced to the Exchange later as an alternate delivery method for ongoing series. Per request from a producer PRX will enable their series with automated delivery, meaning each new episode will be delivered to subscribed stations via FTP. In order to use the service a series must be produced weekly, daily, or hourly. Please note: since producers opt-in and pay for this service, it is not an option for all ongoing series. Stations do not pay for automated series using points. Instead, they can pay for automated delivery series through annual carriage fees, at the producers discretion. This is typically coordinated outside PRX. For this reason stations do not need a paid PRX membership in order to subscribe to an automated series. 

If you are a producer interested in using automated delivery for your series, please reach out to for more information about fees.


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