How do I create episode drafts in Publish?

Plan ahead with Publish

The Production Calendar tool is an easy way for you to stay on top of your upcoming episodes. It also helps the advertising operations team know when you have episodes coming!

Color-coded tabs help producers understand where each episode is in the production process: blue=published (already in your feed), green=scheduled (soon to drop into the feed) or orange=draft (under construction). Your draft and scheduled episodes are listed in a column on the left, published episodes on the right. To create episode drafts, click on the button that says "Plan Episodes."


Clicking on the blue Plan Episodes button will bring you into your Edit Series function to a new tab. Here you can answer a few questions and have designated future episode drafts automatically generated for you.


You will be able to set the exact time and date that your episodes will publish. 


Our example podcast publishes weekly on Wednesday, so your podcast schedule will likely look different based on your episode frequency.

We recommend creating a year's worth of episode drafts for accurate sales inventory forecasting.

Choose the audio template you use most frequently. As you approach a drop date and you know you'd like to use an alternate template, change the template within the episode and let the Ad Operations team know at


You can double-check your work on the calendars at the bottom. If all looks good, go ahead and create those drafts! They will appear in the left-hand column on the home screen.

If you need to make changes to your drop-dates, unselect the highlighted date and select the correct date. You will only be able to do this before you create your drafts.

Questions? Please reach out to our support team at



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