What account is my podcast published under?

As a podcaster with PRX you probably have access to a number of accounts, and you want to make sure your podcast is created under the right one.

You’ll want your podcast published under your group account (rather than your individual account). To check which account your podcast lives under, login to Publish using your individual login credentials and click on the name of your podcast series.


The first thing you will see at the top of your Basic Info tab is the Owner information. You should see in the dropdown the name of your group account and the name of your individual user account. Make sure your group account is selected- this ensures that other members of your group account can also access the podcast.


You may be wondering why there are both individual accounts and group accounts. We ask producers to create individual accounts for a few reasons. Having an individual account that is then linked to group accounts allows each person to control over their own log-in credentials. It also means that a user who works for podcasts produced by different teams can access both of those podcasts without logging into a different account. Please note that the owner information is private and does not affect how the podcast is listed in third-party apps.

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