How do I import my podcast to Publish?

If you already have an established podcast we recommend importing your podcast. Importing will bring in all the existing episodes of your current podcast feed so that they can be seamlessly published to your PRX feed— and make your back-catalog available for stitching ads through Dovetail.

 Our import feature will import all of the metadata, episode information and audio into PRX Publish.  This will save you time by preventing you from having to re-upload your podcast episodes again.

To import, log into PRX Publish


On the dashboard, click Import Podcast.


Add the RSS feed URL of your podcast in the provided field. Your RSS URL will look something like PRX Publish will only import valid podcast RSS URL’s— it will not import websites where your audio lives. You must have an RSS URL to have a podcast in the technical sense of the word.


Then, click Screenshot_2023-01-03_at_11.42.09_AM.png


Once your podcast has been imported successfully you’ll receive an onscreen confirmation.


Please check your series and episodes after they have been imported to confirm that all looks good.

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