What is the difference between basic info and podcast info?

When you create a series you will need to fill out information on three tabs: basic info, audio templates, and podcast info.

Basic information asks for the text and images associated with your podcast: logo, title, description, etc.

In the audio templates section we ask for information about the structure of your podcast: how many segments it consists of, and the approximate length. Click here to read more about audio templates.

Finally, in the podcast info section you will be asked to give details about your podcast that helps podcasting apps (like Apple podcasts) know how to categorize your podcast. This information is mandatory in order for podcasting apps to accept your feed, so make sure to fill out all fields.

Here is an analogy that might be helpful: you are writing a book, and you want to send it to the local library- but right now it is just a jumble of words and pages. First you’ll want to put a cover on your book (the basic info tab). Then you want to let the library know how the book is organized- are there chapters? How long are they? (Audio templates tab). And finally (in the podcast info tab) you give the library some information so they know where your book belongs in the library. Should it be in the children’s section? Arts and Music? And who are the authors?

Without this info libraries won’t be able to accept your book, so make sure to be thorough.

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