Do you automatically generate a link to the embeddable player for my episode?

Yes! In Edit Episode> Embeddable Player you will see not only a link to an embeddable player, but also an embeddable iframe, AND a direct link to your episode mp3. You will be able to preview the player and grab the code as soon as you fill out the "Basics" tab in Publish. However, the embeddable player will appear blank until the episode is actually published into your feed. 

We have a few tips when using the embeddable player or otherwise publishing your podcast to your website:

  • Do not allow pre-loading in players and on websites (e.g. preload=none for HTML5)
  • We do not implement Auto-play. This will result in a bad user experience for the user with audio they were not expecting to hear. It also goes against IAB 2.0 compliance. 


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