I published an episode but I don’t see it in my feed- where is it?

Ah, the missing episode dilemma! There are a few iterations of this- please find the situation that describes you below. 

I scheduled my episode and it hasn’t been published.

Check the episode in Publish. It will most likely be listed as a DRAFT. All episodes scheduled must be PUBLISHED.

I published my episode a couple of minutes ago and it’s not in iTunes:

Podcast publishing is not instant. It can take from a couple of minutes to hours for the episode to appear in iTunes. The episode will appear faster for the subscriber; for non-subscribers, it can take up to 24 hours to appear in the feed (per iTunes). If you still aren’t seeing the episode, email podcast-support@prx.org.

My episode is missing from <insert app name>:

First thing to do is check other podcast platforms. If your episode is only missing from one, then you will want to reach out to their support team.
A lot of apps don’t have good support resources. Here is a list of the ones we could find.(LINK)

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