How do I publish an episode?

Step One: log into Publish at

Done? Okay, let's go.

Step Two: Create an episode

You will see your series on the Publish homepage with a list of all the recent and upcoming episodes. Their status will be Published, Scheduled, or Drafts.  

To make a new episode, click the blue "Create an episode" button in the upper right corner.


Step Three: Basic info



Production notes are for internal use only, so they won't be published to your feed. You can use them to make notes about your episode in case you are working with a remote team.

Step Four: Upload your files

When you created your series in Publish you also set up your audio template(s). Now that you are making an episode you will need to choose ONE template to use for this episode. 


Step Five: Add category tags


Step Six: Schedule your episode (or don't)

We have the option to schedule your episode to drop at a date in the future. If you want your episode to be available in your feed immediately after publishing, just leave the box unchecked. 


Step 7: Podcast Episode Info

This is the "meta-data" Apple Podcasts need to help categorize your episode. Whatever you put here will override the series designation for this episode. 


If this episode exists on your website, override the Episode URL with a link to your site. We create the beta landing page as a backup.


Make sure you come back in and mark old trailers as full episodes so they don't linger at the top of your episode list in podcasting apps forever.

Step 8: Grab and Embed

We generate an embeddable player for each episode. Grab the link or iframe and use as you wish!


Step 9: Publish

On the left side of Publish you should see a floating bar that displays your publish status. At this point it should read "Status: Draft," but you should see a yellow publish button. This means that all your information is there and all files have processed.

Double-check that the release date is correct. Then, hit "Publish." Please note that as long as your episode is in draft status it will not release to the world when your release date comes, so please make sure you click publish.


Step 10: Double-check

Your status will change from Draft to Scheduled or Published, depending on what you set as your release date. In the example below, the episode is scheduled. If I check it after midnight on 5/15 the status will automatically have changed to Published. 


Need to make edits to an episode you published? It's easy.

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