How do I redirect my feed?

Redirecting your feed is some serious stuff. If done incorrectly you may lose your subscribers. Below we’re outlining our best practices for redirecting your feed.*

Validate your feed!

Check to make sure there are no issues with your feed before importing/redirecting from PRX Publish. There are a number of feed validators available online. Our favorites are listed below.
Cast Feed Validator
Feed Validator

Make sure your feed is up to date.

If you’ve recently published an episode, make sure it’s in Publish before redirecting your feed or updating your feed proxy.

Initiate a 301 redirect

You’ll need to follow the steps to initiate a 301 redirect provided by your current podcast distribution platform. If your current distributor is missing from this list, please let us know.

Libsyn (scroll down to Moving from Libsyn)
Anchor (scroll down to Leave Anchor for another podcast host)

After 301 redirect

Validate your feed once more! You can never be too safe when redirecting your feed.
Check your feed at Redirect Detective to make sure the redirect is in place.

*Please note that updating Feedburner is not a feed redirect. To update Feedburner, simply change your Source Feed to your PRX Feed and click save.

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