Setting up your podcast in PRX Publish

Once you are granted access to PRX Publish the first thing you need to do is create your podcast, which is known as "creating a series" in Publish. Click that big ol' blue button on the homepage to get started.


Basic Info

Here you will be asked to give your series a title, description, and cover image. Read the text in the below images for more info on each section.


When uploading your logo, please note that iTunes requires images that meet their specifications:

Minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels, 72 dpi, in JPEG or PNG format with appropriate file extensions (.jpg, .png), and in the RGB colorspace. To optimize images for mobile devices, Apple recommends compressing your image files.

If you would like iTunes to feature your podcast it must be 3000 x 3000 pixels.


Audio Templates

You can learn about the role of audio templates here. Think about the different forms your podcast might take (multiple segments, single segment, video?) and make a template for each possibility. If you don't segment your show, you can stick with a one-segment template. 

You can always add and templates later, just be sure to reach out to before you publish them. 


Podcast Info

 First thing to do: create your podcast! Clicking this button will generate an RSS feed for your podcast. 


The information here is required in order to submit your feed to iTunes. Take care to fill out each field, and use the links in the section descriptions to learn more about feed requirements. 


The owner information will be specific to each show's production team. Just make sure not to enter personal email addresses. 


Setting up a feed proxy is highly recommended over submitting the private PRX feed to podcast apps. You can learn more about feed proxies here.  

If you are using Podtrac for third-party metrics you can enter the following enclosure prefix URL:


Planning episodes

We provide a production calendar feature so producers can easily see their upcoming episodes. This is a one-time setup: indicate the day and frequency of your podcast drops and we will create the drafts for you to return to when the time comes. Learn more about this feature here



If PRX sells for your show, we ask that you schedule episodes through the end of the year. That will help us predict advertising inventory. 


The drafts of your podcast episode will appear on your homepage. Now that you have a feed with all the appropriate metadata you can publish an episode and start submitting to podcasting apps!


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