How can I integrate programmatic ads using VAST?


VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) tags are supported in creatives. Instead of making a regular MP3 based ad, and uploading an audio file, you can make a creative of type 'VAST' and specify a VAST URL.

VAST tags support macros in them, and Dovetail supports most of the tags from the VAST standard. There are also some additional custom macros to support podcast advertising.

Below is a list of the supported tags, and any default values:

Custom Macros


Description Example


Podcast episode GUID (i.e. <guid/> tag in RSS  
PODCAST Podcast ID, unique to Dovetail. 123
LISTENERID Listener ID based on request User Agent & IP Address; how IAB measurement defines unique listeners.  
LATITUDE Estimated latitude, based on GeoIP lookup  
LONGITUDE Estimated longitude, based on GeoIP lookup  

Comma separated list of keywords for contextual advertising, from keywords and categories on the episode.



Public URL for the podcast.



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