How do I set-up a new flight?

After the campaign is created, you will want to set up flights within that campaign. When you schedule a flight, you're specifying when and how you want your ads to run within a campaign.  

Step 1 - While in a campaign, click the Add a Flight button on the left-hand column of the screen.


Step 2 - Enter your flight data.


Enter a name for your flight.

Pro Tip: Try using a consistent naming convention, such as: AdvertiserName-startdate-enddate-#ofImpressions-zone

Example: GoodNewsDogTreats-DEC2021-JAN2022-40K-Pre

Be sure to put who represents the flight in the Flight Rep box; this can be helpful for record keeping!

Change the flight status to Hold or Sold to reserve inventory. Draft is the default flight status, but it will not allocate any inventory toward your impression goal. 

Enter the Actual Start Date and Actual End Dates!

These dates reflect when you'd like this particular flight to run. The Contract Start & End Dates will auto-fill respectively - but actual dates can be adjusted to extend or end flights at any time.

Step 3 - Select the Series (aka Podcast) you want the flight to run on.


Step 4 - Add all of the Zone(s) from the particular section (pre, mid, post) that you would like this flight to run in. 


Step 5 - Add your creative.

The file should be an mp3 and should match the specs of the episode audio uploaded to Publish. You can add New (directly upload a new ad) or Existing (pulling an ad from the creative library) or Silent.


If you are using multiple Creatives:

You can adjust the weight for creatives to have them serve with the priority the contract calls for. The weight number can be used as a proportion or a percentage with the creative with the larger weight playing more often.

Note: If the weights match between two creatives - the ads will serve 50/50. 

Step 6 - Set any necessary Target(s)


Advanced settings: Check off any of the following if you'd like them to be enabled

Allow serving with other flights in the campaign

Will allow you to run ads from the same campaign (ex: DogTreats Pre Ad 1 +DogTreats Pre Ad 2)

Allow serving with other flights from this same advertiser

If an advertiser has multiple campaigns, these can run together on the same download. (ex: DogTreats preroll campaign will run with DogTreats midroll campaign)


Step 7 - Hit Create Flight, to save your progress before moving on to the real action;


Step 8 - More data entry! 

Set the flight type. Capped Flight, Baked In or Remnant flight

Set the flight priority. 1 is the highest priority (‘first’), the higher the number, the lower the priority (25 would be 25th priority) - the system defaults to 10.

Set your total and contract goals. Please note that capped flights without a total goal will not deliver. 

Set your flight velocity, daily minimum or maximum. Most times you’ll want to deliver evenly, but  if you're on a tight deadline Deliver Fast will serve the ads quicker to reach your impression goal asap; something to keep in mind is that ads will not run back to back in the same episode - unless you have designated them as a companion ad. Daily minimum and maximums will dictate the how little or how much you'd like a particular ad to serve daily. 

Hit Calculate


Orange lines in the allocation table reflect episode drop days - usually there are more impressions available directly after an episode drop, then decreasing over the run until the next episode drops.

The Available column is how many impressions are forecasted for the zone(s), minus any inventory that has already been spoken for by another flight or campaign.

The Allocated column shows how many impressions will be spread out over the length of the flight to reach the total goal.

By clicking on the double arrows on the far left of the week column, you’ll be able to see the daily allocations.

You can also quickly see any competing flights  - which can be helpful if you're running into issues finding available inventory. Along with any advertisers that might also be appearing on the same downloads.

blocking_flights2.gifStep 9 - Click update_flight.png to save any final changes.

Congrats - you've now got ads running on your podcast! 

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