What are companion ads, and how do I use them?

Companion ads in the Augury system are ads that run across two separate ad zones as a pair. You will never hear one part of a companion ad without hearing it’s companion (haha, get it?) later in the episode. 

For example, an ad for a movie trailer might preview a trailer in a preroll ad zone, and advise the listener to “stay tuned after the show for the full trailer” which would then play during the postroll ad zone. This type of set-up is a companion ad between preroll & postroll, though you could have a companion ad across any two different ad zones.


To create a companion ad with in a flight:

Create a flight and fill in flight & impression information. 



Select the Companions Toggle.



Add the two zones you’d like the companion ads to play across.


Add their respective new or existing creative elements.


Create or update your flight by selecting the blue button in the top right corner. 



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