How can I check for available inventory using the availability search tool?

Trying to figure out how much ad inventory is available for a certain series? No problemo! PRX's Availability Search tool is here to make answering questions about ad inventory a breeze.

The Basics

Log into Augury and navigate to the Availability Search from the hamburger menu under Inventory.


Then enter the time frame and select the Series, Zones, and any advanced targets you'd like to use to refine your search.


Select Calculate


The Breakdown

Log in to Augury  

Select Availability Search from the hamburger menu. You'll find it under Inventory.


Select the start and end dates from the drop down calendar


Select the Series and Zone you'd like the preview


Add/Remove Targets as needed


Select the Calculate Button


Watch as the availability appears before your very eyes!

Things to Keep in Mind

  • All required variables must be entered to see results! The calculate button will only appear once the minimum requirements are met.
  • When you select a Zone from the drop-down menu you are selecting an entire Ad Section that reflects a grouping of consecutive ad Zones into a single block. (Example: by selecting Preroll you are seeing results for both the Preroll1 and Preroll2 ad zones in the inventory column)
  • You can only select one Series or Zone (Example: You can select either preroll, midroll, or postroll; not preroll & midroll) per search. We recommend opening multiple tabs in your browser so that you can easily move between and compare search results for different series or zones for a given time frame.
  • The inventory column displays the total available inventory for the entire ad section selected. Any results under the Per Sponsor Available column reflects the availability per our best practice of one ad per sponsor - per download.
  • Search results have no impact on current campaigns or flights for any given series, so change your selections as needed to see different results.
  • Companion flights can not be looked up at this time. We suggest looking at the two zones you wish to target, and using the availability of the lower of two zones.

Useful terms mentioned in this article

Inventory The number of impressions available for ad Zones to be sold into in the future.
Allocated The inventory counts already reserved by a flight.
Available The amount of unreserved inventory left in the system.
Sell Through Rate % The percentage of available inventory that has been allocated.
Per Sponsor Available The available inventory when reflecting one ad per sponsor per download


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