How To Pull Airchecks

There are times when an advertiser will want to hear what an ad sounds like to listeners and have evidence an ad ran. This is when you will want to pull an “aircheck”. An aircheck can provide statistics on instances of ad placement in flights and present the option to download audio of the ad as listeners will hear it. Here’s how to pull an aircheck:

  • Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen



  • Select “Series”



  • Select the desired series from the list that appears



  • Select “Scheduled Flights” from the list on the left


  • Scroll down the page to “Backsaw: Live Requests” and open the dropdown menu to select an episode or search to find the episode


  • Set desired filter parameters from the dropdown menus, then click “Run 100x Requests”


  • Once the request has run, the following options are available to you:
  • After the request is run, you can listen to the segment with the ad inserted.
  • Pressing i displays the arrangement and mp3
  • Selecting the three vertical dots button gives you the option to download the segment with the ad inserted so the aircheck can be shared (as shown in the second picture). Additionally, it gives you the option to change the playback speed when previewing the ad. 




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