Using the Multi-feed RSS feature

PRX Dovetail now offers the option to create multiple feeds! 

This useful feature allows you to create additional customizable versions of your feed ideal for subscription services such as Supercast, Supporting Cast and Patreon – right alongside your podcast’s public RSS feed settings. 


What exactly can I do with this?

As subscription options for podcast listeners become the new normal we wanted an easy way for you to create additional private feeds to share with those who support you directly through a subscription. These additional feeds will feature the same great content – but don’t have to include ads and offer secure authorization tokens for access.

Some possible use cases for this feature include:

Default Feed Settings

The default feed dropdown contains the default feed settings for your podcast. Here is where you’ll find your public feed URL, enclosure prefix information, along with additional settings for capping or restricting the metadata for your feed, episode publish delays, and audio format.


In the gray banners in the FEEDS section are where you can find your feed URL. This will default to your PRX private feed until you have a Public Feed URL set. To open your feed in another tab click the open icon. 


How to Create an Additional Private Ad-free Feed

Navigate to the RSS Feeds tab on the left-hand side of your Series settings in Publish.

Select + Add Feed toward the bottom of the page


Fill in your Title and Feed Slug in a way that differentiates it from your default feed. File Name can be left alone. You can see in the screenshot below where those entries appear in your feed URL:


To make your feed Private select the Private checkbox and generate any authorization tokens you might need.


Deselect any Ad Zones that you prefer to omit from this feed.  For example, for a private feed that is free of all paid ads, deselect Paid Ads (doing this will not affect your main feed). 


Optional Features:

  • Deselect either check box under Engagement Setting to opt out of including a Donation Form or Micropayment Wallet within your feed. (Not sure what any of this means? Learn more here!)
  • If you'd like to incorporate an Episode Delay or change in Audio Format from your default feed select those options from their respective dropdown menus. 
  • If you'd like to build a feed based around a specific Episode Category select the category you'd like to pull into this particular feed from the dropdown menu.


TLDR; How to Create an Additional Private Ad-free Feed

  1. Add Feed
  2. Fill in Feed Title, Overrides (if desired), & Feed Slug
  3. Under Feed Visibility select the checkbox for private.
  4. Add Token
  5. Fill in Token Label
  6. Deselect the Ad Zones you’d like to omit from this feed.
  7. Save
  8. Private feed is ready to share with subscribers!


Check your Engagement Settings. If you'd like to include a Donation Form or Micropayment Wallet within your feed check each respective box.

Set any applicable episode delays, episode categories, or audio formats for this feed.


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