Checking Metrics in Dovetail

Metrics displays performance of a podcast over a period of time. You can choose to view the reach of your podcast based on download numbers, performance from drop day, or by unique listeners. (A “unique listener” is determined by downloads/listens of each episode per device per IP address per 24 hour period.) To view Metrics for your podcast, you must first have a podcast that is distributed by PRX.

  • Direct your browser to
  • After entering your email or username and password, you’ll be taken to the home screen. 


  • If you have more than one podcast to check or the default displayed is not the podcast you’re looking for, you may select your podcast associated with your account by clicking the arrow beneath the podcast name displayed in the upper left of the screen. 


  • You can then select the desired podcast from the dropdown list and view the related metrics.


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