Updating Series Information and Inventory in Dovetail Inventory

Sometimes you’ll need to update information or ad inventory for a series in Dovetail Inventory. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Ad inventory just needs to be updated
  • Changes in episode drafts, Audio Templates, or Keywords have been added or removed in Publish and are not currently reflected in Dovetail Inventory.

Step 1 - Sign into Dovetail Inventory.

If you’re already signed into Dovetail (Dovetail Metrics, Exchange, Podcasts) you can switch to Dovetail Inventory by selecting "Inventory" from the options at the top of the screen


Step 2 - Choose Series from the options at the top of the screen


Step 3 - Find your series by either scrolling down the list or entering the series name in the search bar


Step 4 - Select New Forecast from the options on the left


Step 5 - Click the Update Inventory toggle to the on position then click on Create Forecast in the upper right hand corner of the screen


Once your forecast is complete (which should take 1 - 5 minutes) check the updated inventory in the availability search or updated episode information within the Episodes tab. 

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