Will I lose subscribers if I switch my feed to Dovetail?

Moving your podcast RSS feed to a new platform can be daunting. The fear of starting over is real! You can lose subscribers if you DON’T take the proper steps to move your feed properly.

You can import an ad-free version of your RSS Feed into PRX Dovetail using our Import Podcast feature. Don’t cut corners— go over the imported data (series information, episodes, audio, etc.). Confirm that the imported RSS Feed mirrors your current feed. 

Reach out to your current podcast distributor and ask what the protocol is for moving your podcast feed to a new distributor. Most will take care of redirecting the feed for you or provide you with instructions.

You or your podcast distributor will need to do a 301 redirect in order to move your subscribers to your new Publish RSS feed URL. Redirecting to the wrong URL can happen, and we don't want that. When reaching out to your provider please include your new Dovetail RSS Feed URL.

The process of redirecting subscribers can take time. We recommend keeping your account active with your previous provider a minimum of four weeks before closing it.

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