Podcast to Broadcast with PRX

We want to get your podcast in front of as many ears as possible, and we think broadcast is a great platform for promoting your show.

Fortunately PRX's roots are in broadcast, and we have over 400 stations coming to us each week looking for content. We are here to help you make your content available to these radio stations via our broadcast distribution platform, the PRX Exchange

The first thing to consider when offering a podcast to broadcast are formatting differences. On the technical side, you want your file to be in MP2 format, 44.1 kHz, 128 kbps (256 kbps for a stereo file). You can use the free PRX/Hindenburg encoder to convert WAV files to PRX-compatible MP2s. 

On the content side, remember that radio broadcasts are monitored by the FCC, so you will need to remove sponsorship messages and profanity. This includes any advertisement that asks listeners to do something (i.e., "visit www.website.com") as well as any swear words or overtly sexual content. If you swear a lot on your podcast, then it might not be worth the editing time to make it broadcast compatible. That's okay!

When you have a broadcast-ready audio file, log into your account at exchange.prx.org and follow our publishing guide to make that piece available to stations.  

We like to give new producers a shout-out. When you're done, make sure you email editors@prx.org so we can highlight you in our newsletter and consider your work for PRX Remix.


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