What the heck is a royalty?

A royalty is money you make when someone licenses your story from the PRX Marketplace. When you have a paid account with PRX, we collect the money from stations and others that license your work and then we will send you a check each quarter (March 31st, June 30th, Sept. 30th and December 31st). We send checks to the mailing address in your PRX profile, so make sure to keep us updated if you move.

So how much might you earn in the PRX Marketplace? The answer is that it depends, mostly on which station is licensing your work. Larger stations pay more to license your work than smaller ones. 

The default price is 50 cents (5 points) a minute, or you can double or triple the price to a dollar (10 points) or $1.50 (15 points) per minute. You will never make less than what you choose.  And, you can make more -- if a large-market station buys your piece, you will receive a bonus royalty.

As a reference point, the top ten producers typically make around $500 per quarter.

PRX does not take a percentage of the money you earn from licensing your work in the PRX Marketplace, we earn revenue from station and producer membership fees.

While anyone can post their stories on PRX, you must have an active, paid PRX membership in good standing in order to earn royalties.

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