I have questions about getting my royalty payment, how do I get paid?

We process royalty payments after the end of every quarter, and they are generally paid within four weeks of the quarter closing. 

You don't need to send PRX an invoice for your royalty payments; we will issue your payment each quarter based on your earnings.

If you're new to earning royalties, we’ll need some information from you:

  • We will contact you when you earn royalties for the first time using the email address on file on your Exchange account. Make sure your contact information is up-to-date on your account.
  • We’ll send you an email invite to securely complete a Form W-9, and set up your vendor account with PRX to receive direct deposits of your royalty payments.
  • Please do not send your W-9, tax ID information, or social security number over email.

If you haven’t received your royalty payment or have any questions about your payments:

If your address, banking information, or name/company/tax ID has changed:

  • Contact PRX Accounting to notify our team of any upcoming changes, and we will give you further instructions depending on what has changed. We may send you an invite to update your W-9 information or request other updates to your account to ensure we have your new information on file for payments and 1099s.

PRX may reach out to you periodically to update this process and/or your information on file.

Questions? Feel free to contact accounting@prx.org.



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