PRX Networks Basics

Basic Concepts of Networks

PRX Networks is a content distribution platform that allows newsrooms to quickly share audio, text, and video with each other. A network can be formed around a region (like all newsrooms in the Pacific Northwest) or a project (all newsrooms focusing on gun violence in the US). 

What you can use Networks for:

Networks is a PRX technology that allows a selected group of radio stations to share content amongst themselves. As a Networks user you can upload multimedia stories and available to anyone listed as a member of your network.
Where to access and edit networks:

As a networks user, there are two sites you need to know about.

The first is From here, station admins can add staff to the station account and determine who gets notifications about your network.
The second site is This is where you will do almost everything related to the network: adding items, searching items, etc. Once you have your username and you are on the staff list of your station account, go right ahead to to log in with your PRX account and add or download an item.

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