Redirecting your RSS Feed from FeedBurner

If you are looking to deactivate your current FeedBurner proxy and redirect your show to a different public feed url you've come to the right place! Use the following steps to access your feed proxy in FeedBurner and redirect your feed.

🛑 Prerequisites 🛑

  • You have a feed currently hosted on Dovetail that uses a FeedBurner Feed Proxy
  • You have set-up and validated a New Public Feed URL in addition to your currently active Feedburner URL so that you have something to redirect to.

Step 1 - Sign in to FeedBurner

    • FeedBurner is a Google product, and might require 2FA with a phone number associated with the account. 
    • If PRX is redirecting from Feedburner on your behalf someone from the distribution team will be in touch for access to the 2FA code.

Step 2 - Locate the show you are planning to redirect, and click Configure Proxy

Step 3 - Enter your recently created New Public Feed URL in the Original Feed box to update the source feed for your FeedBurner proxy.

Step 4 - Click on Save Changes

Step 5 - Verify the update by entering the current feed url into your web browser. The web browser should load the .xml code of your Dovetail RSS Feed. Keep your eye out for any 404 or 400 related error messages.

Step 6- Return to your show in FeedBurner and select the More Options menu

Step 7 - Select Deactivate 🛑 Please ensure you’re deactivating the correct feed.

Step 8 - Select Confirm

Step 9 - Once confirmed, under the show title, you should see the message "This feed is redirecting to your source feed"

Step 10 - Your redirect is complete! Test the 301 Redirect by entering your old FeedBurner feed URL into a web browser address bar. It should redirect, and open your New Public Feed URL instead.

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