How To Set Up An Ad-Free Feed

Sometimes you will want to have multiple ad-free feeds for your series for subscribers. Your content can remain the same as your main feed, but subscribers won't have any ads inserted into episodes. This article will walk you through the process on how to create an ad-free feed, make it private, and customize the metadata within the feed to fit your needs.


Step 1: Log in at and select Dovetail Podcasts from the options on the left side of the dashboard.



Step 2: Find your Podcast in search and select it



Step 3: Select Feeds from the options at the top of the screen and click "Add a Feed" in the lower left corner of the screen.


Step 4: Enter your metadata for this new feed. Please note that any field with a red asterisk is mandatory. 
Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 1.25.09 PM.png

TITLE - A title for this feed different than the main feed title (This is public facing.)

SLUG - An alphanumeric name used to identify your feed (also used in the private feed RSS URL)

FILE NAME- Auto populates. No need to edit this field.

Step 5: You would generally want an ad-free subscriber feed to be private. To make this happen, select the "Private (unlisted)" box on the right, then create a name for the "Label" field and click "Add Token" in the Feed Authorization box.


Note: if you ever want to check your private RSS feed, you can click on the arrow box next to the "Token" window.


Step 6: In order to make the feed actually ad-free, you'll want to make sure to scroll to the "Ad Zones To Included" section beneath "Episode Categories" and deselect at least the House Ads and Paid Ads zones.

Step 7: Check to make sure everything is as you want, then click "Create" under "Feed Status" on the right of the screen, and your new ad-free feed will be established and accessible for you to use and edit as necessary!

Audio Format
If you wish to have the audio in this feed be a specific format (eg: for FLAC or WAV for Apple subscription podcasts), you can select between mp3, wav, or flac in the dropdown menu in this field.



If you'd like this feed to have different teaser, description, category, or engagement setting information from the information you have from the series settings, you can enter that information in this field. Any information entered here will override the information treated as "default" from your otherwise presiding series settings. The same goes for cover image and thumbnail image in their respective fields.


For additional feeds or a more in-depth description of multi-feeds in Dovetail Podcasts, you may also wish to consult our other article: Create Multiple Feeds With Dovetail Podcasts. (You can always click on the question mark by each field for a pop-up with information.)

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