How to configure your feed's audio format

When setting up your podcast within Dovetail you have the option to set a default audio format for your feed. Once an audio format default is set for a feed, this feature will convert any uploaded audio files to the matched the audio specs outlined.


We recommend setting this to MP3 for your default feed to ensure that your episodes are accessible on all platforms. If this setting is left blank we will transcode all audio to match the file that was uploaded, and will warn you if you are uploading something other than an MP3.

This can be a useful feature for transcoding your audio into another format for subscriptions. For example, some subscription platforms tend to prefer FLAC or WAV files. You could use this setting to change the audio format for any feeds that might be connected to your subscription provider of choice.

To set-up an audio format for your default feed take the following steps:

Step 1 - Navigate to your show's feed settings within Dovetail


Step 2 - Make sure your Default feed is selected, and then select the File Format, Bitrate, Channels, and Frequency you'd like your audio content to have.

default audio3.gif

We typically recommend MP3, 192 kbps, Stereo, 44.1kHz as a nice default, but you have options!

Step 3 - Hit Save

Please keep in mind that if your main public feed is set to something OTHER than MP3 - your audio might not deliver to all platforms. 

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