How do I submit my podcast to podcast apps?

Submitting your podcast can feel like an overwhelming experience since there are so many podcast listening apps out there.

Fear not! You won’t have to submit your podcast to every single app out there— in fact, you can’t.

We recommend that you submit your podcast to the big third-party podcast apps. Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc... Once the big podcast directories approve your feed smaller apps/platforms pick up new feeds by crawling those larger apps' directories and rankings.

Click the links below for instructions on submitting your podcast.


  • It can take some time for your podcast to appear on different podcast apps after submission. Some platforms manually approve podcasts before publishing and making them searchable. We recommend submitting your podcast at least seven days before the launch of your trailer (or first episode if forgoing a trailer).
  • Podcast apps post new episodes and other changes, for subscribers, shortly after you publish. In some cases, it can take up to 24 hours for new episodes or other changes to reflect on all podcast apps for non-subscribers.
  • Your podcast will have a different URL on each podcast app. provides a singular page by which you can direct listeners directly to your show on their podcast app of choice.

If you’re a podcast app maker and would like us to include a link to your podcast submission form, please contact

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