How and why do I need to validate my feed?

Validating your feed periodically as well as before and after migrating your feed are important to determine the health of your RSS feed. Feed validators will help you find the errors in your feed and as well as help you troubleshoot them.

We highly recommend validating your feed before submission to iTunes as well as other third-party directories. This will help catch any errors in your feed beforehand to ensure a smooth approval process.

Validating your feed before and after redirecting your feed is also highly recommended. This will help you find issues that may have arisen during the redirect as well as quality assurance that the correct feed was redirected.

Recommended Feed Validators

There are a number of feed validators available online. Our favorites are listed below.
Cast Feed Validator
Feed Validator

If there is a feed validator you think should be on this list, please feel free to reach out to us at

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