How can I set up micropayments for my podcast?

One way you may choose to monetize your content is through accepting micropayments.

Micropayments are very small monetary transactions that occur when someone who is opted into a micropayment service engages with your content over a period of time.

Transactions are small but they might add up.

We’ve added support for micropayments in our embeddable player. So as folks listen to your content, you can get paid.

Getting Started with Micropayments

1. Set up a wallet

First, you'll need a place for all of your micropayments to land - known as a digital wallet! Below is a list of digital wallet providers our tech team recommends. 



2. Grab your payment pointer

Your digital wallet provider of choice will generate a payment pointer (a url-esque ID for your payment account) that looks something like:

GateHub: $

Uphold: $

If you're having trouble finding your payment pointer, check out these instructions:

3. Sign up with a web monetization facilitator like - Coil

In order to start accepting micropayments from listeners who are also members of Coil, you'll need to set up a free creator account and link your digital wallet via your payment pointer. 

Detailed instructions:

At the moment Coil is the only web monetization facilitator we support

4. Link your series in Publish via your payment pointer

  1. Go to your Series
  2. Click on the Engagement Settings tab
  3. In the Micropayment Wallet add your payment pointer and Save

The next time a listener with a Coil account activated visits a page with an embedded player, they will see the monetization icon in the lower right corner and will be able to note how much was given to your podcast while they listened. 

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