How to submit your work to PRX Remix

PRX Remix is PRX's 24/7 stream of stories, which airs on XM 123 and public radio stations around the country. Learn more about it here.

We license stories for Remix directly from Upload your work to PRX, then choose PRX Remix under Outside Purchaser Preferences so that we can license your work.

Think you have a great story for Remix? Here's how to know and how to upload it to PRX:

1. How Remix works:

   -Remix offers your pieces new life and new audiences. A regular story typically gets aired once on a station or podcast and then gets relegated to a dusty corner of the internet. In Remix, though, our fancy algorithm will surface your story multiple times per year, ad infinitum. Since Remix airs on stations around the country, as well as on XM radio and an online stream, Remix helps you find fresh ears for your work. When Remix licenses your work, you will also earn royalties based on PRX’s points system.

   -What Remix does NOT do is commission original work. Remix acts like a ‘second market’—we only air work that was created and, possibly, was aired elsewhere. Bottom line: Remix is a great way for you to get your work in front of listeners as long as you aren’t relying on Remix as your primary source of funding.   

2. Criteria for pieces on Remix:

   -Evergreen (not tied to a particular event).

   -Short (under 25 mins, ideally under 15).

   -Charming... or…surprising or mysterious or profound, etc. Basically, it must be unique and story-driven. 

   -Clean audio or bleeped. Remix airs on broadcast radio stations in addition to XM, so we can't have any bad words.


3. Upload your piece to

   -The Remix curator licenses stories through the marketplace, so if you want to be considered, this is where your work should go. Make sure you “opt-in” to PRX Remix under Outside Purchasers during the uploading process. Also make sure you accurately identify whether your piece is clean or explicit (the more specific, the better). And if it's clean or already bleeped, we're more likely to license it. After uploading, feel free to follow-up to to alert us to your work and why it works for Remix.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email our curator at


Other Remix FAQ:

Does my story have to have aired elsewhere to be included in Remix?

   No! Remix is the perfect outlet for great work that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else (though we take stories that have fit elsewhere too).

Can I still be on Remix if I don’t have a PRX account?

    You need a PRX account in order for your work to be licensed for Remix, and you get two hours of space with a free account. To get paid royalties and to have unlimited space, you must have a paid account, which is $50/year. If you don’t have a PRX account and think you have great stuff for Remix, email us ( and we can talk about other options.


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