Converters for Creating a MP2

Hindenburg/PRX Converter

Not all audio editing software offers the ability to create MP2 audio files, and many that do are not designed to create broadcast-ready MP2 files for radio. If you are unsure about your software's MP2 functionality, we recommend you use the free, all new Hindenburg PRX Encoder.

Head over to the Hindenburg PRX Encoder page to download the right encoder for your operating system. While you're there, you can watch the handy video tutorial to get acquainted with your new encoder.

Note: this converter can only be used for WAV to MP2 conversion. 



Still like our old encoders? They're available for download. 


Mac OS X

If your system does not allow you to open applications from Outside Developers you will need to adjust your settings in order to download this app.

Head to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow applications downloaded from > Anywhere


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